Energy Healing Class

The leading edge energy healing school and trainers in the Pacific Northwest are now offering new advanced learning opportunities for all healing sciences.

Long standing healing trainers in Reiki’s healing touch methodologies, instructors Taylore Vance and Herb “Roi” Richards are responsible for empowering the most magnificent healers with certifications from Practitioner-to-Master in Reiki healing through Cosmic Energetic Healing modalities.

Practitioners in the healing arts seek out trainings at the renowned Reiki Ranch in Western Washington to add healing modalities to their already effective array of healing therapies.

Full Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits are earned for participation in all classes throughout the range of certifications offered.

The next class is:
Coming up soon this winter in 2015-2016
Click for more information. Seats still available.

Energy healing is an excellent additive service offering for any medical, mental or alternative treatment model because it adds no overhead to one’s practice. There are no tools or prescriptions necessary, only pure healing energy that is flowed to and through the patient.

These techniques are so effective, that in many cases those who work throughout the healthcare industries are using these energy healing skills to augment the treatment of patients with extraordinary results.

If your reputation is based on results, you might like to augment your treatment model to include energy healing, whether you decide to add it to your menu of services or just to enhance the healing arts that you already offer.

These energy healing treatment models are being embraced by doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, nurses, counselors, veterinarians, physical and massage therapists, nursing assistants, and people who just want to heal themselves and positively impact and heal family, friends, loved ones and animals.

Whether you’re involved in traditional treatment, natural medicine, holistic healing or spiritual enhancement, energy healing could be just what the doctor ordered to help heal the world and make it a better place for all God’s creatures.


Get the official certification for Energy Healing Practitioner to Master Training